The Knight Joust

Knight Joust

The Knight Joust is a team event where each player takes command of a single Knight Titan and pilots it to death or glory!

Knight Guidelines

  1. Bring one Knight Titan.
    1. Unpainted Knights may participate but will not be eligible for Best Painted Knight competition, and could have very random events take place on them.
  2. Any chassis of Knight is allowed, including all Forge World variants and Xenos.
  3. Maximum power level: 29PL



  1. All players will be initially grouped into random teams.
  2. Each team will play another team in the arena with the winning team members advancing into the next round of combat.
  3. Teams will be reconfigured until only two Knights remain, and of them, one is left standing to be crowned the King of Knights!
  4. Each battle is to the death! There are no mission objectives! Blood for the Blood God!

May the best pilot win!

Please make sure to email [EMAIL] if you would like to participate. Fee is $5.00

NOTE: There is no charge for participants registered for the Uffda GT.​​

Knight Joust Prizes​

Last Knight Standing - The pilot that outlasted all the other knights

Last Knight Slain - The pilot that is the last to fall in battle

The Shiniest Knight - Best Painted Knight