Game Awards

Best Overall

This represents the best overall player, who does well on the tabletop, but also has a well painted army and is a great opponent to play against.

Best General

The Best General is the competitor who has the best win-loss record at the end of the tournament.

The Hotdish

This award goes to the most favored opponent and the one player of which is the best sport!

The Cheesehead

This award is given to the player who comes dead last in battle points! This award has the honor of being presented by those that have come before. Your honor is held among the few, but proud that have stood in the same place as you, but came away with a strong chin and head held high.

The Best Team

This will be determined by a collection of total points at the end of the event and kept track of by the judges. This will be dictated by best overall score, paint and sportsmanship will be taken into account.

Painting Awards

The Grey Duck - Players Choice

This award is granted to the player whose army was chosen by you, the players, as the best painted army. The masses have spoken, and this specific player is the prime cut among their peers.

NOTE: The army must be a total of 2000pt list. Players will vote during breaks.


The Grey Duck - Judges Choice

This award is granted to the player that the judges have deemed to be the best out there. This will be judged between three judges and will be scrutinized and awarded accordingly.

NOTE: The army must be a total of 2000pt list. Judging for this award will be done during "Armies on Parade".

Those that win in "The Grey Duck" awards are automatically entered into the Renegade Series, presented at the Renegade Open Gaming Convention. Any previous winners for tournaments in the Renegade Series are exempt from winning the above categories. You can read more about this here.